Internship Program

Central Lutheran Church has had a rich history of welcoming a seminarian pursuing ordination in the ELCA.  Over the course of a year, interns learn the ins and outs of parish ministry - preaching, teaching, leadership, pastoral care, and all the skills not learned in a classroom.  Beginning in 1993, Central Lutheran hosted a new intern every year for 20 years.  Working closely with the pastor and a committee , the intern has been integrated into all aspects of the church's life.  Each intern has brought his/her gifts to the life of Central Lutheran Church while gaining experience and expertise in the ministry to which God has called him/her.  We have always been excited to see an intern come and sad to see that intern leave, but we trust the Spirit's work in each of their lives.

Known as an outstanding site for seminary students, the congregation serves the larger church by readying and nurturing future public church leaders.  


Our Previous Interns:


1993-1994    Leslie Barnett                    

1994-1995    Kari Toavs                          

1995-1996    Darin Erisman                   

1996-1997    Incomplete Internship      1997-1998    Katy McCallum                 

1998-1999    Glen Aaberg                       

1999-2000    Shana Tischaefer              

2000-2001    Jen Lapinskas                   

2001-2002    Reggie Klindworth           

2002-2003    Catrina Ciccone                   

2003-2004    Jo Quanbeck                     


2004-2005    Matt Prasek                       

2005-2006    Chris Cormack                  

2006-2007    Sheila Rawn                       

2007-2008    Joel Langholz                   

2008-2009    Leslie Neist                        

2009-2010    Megan Koepnick              

2010-2011    Katie Emery                       

2011-2012    Annette Andrews-Lux    

2012-2013    Emily Wiles 

2013-2014    C.J. Boettcher

2020-2021    Pam Karas