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Central Lutheran Church was organized in 1904 when the city of Everett was only 12 years old. Immigrants from many countries had settled in the new town. Among those were people from the Midwest (North Dakota, Minnesota, etc.) and those who came directly from Norway. 
On December 6, 1904, a meeting took place at the home of Hans Solie, 2321 Rockefeller. It was agreed upon to start a church and the name would be "Ebenezer Forenet Norsk Evangelisk Lutherske Menighed," or, in English, "Ebenezer United Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation." On December 13, 1904, the official organizational meeting took place at the home of Arnt Gravrock, at 1801 Rockefeller. Charter members of this new church came from 12 Norwegian families. The constitution and bylaws were approved and officers were elected.

For years, the preaching, singing, and Sunday School were all done in the Norwegian language, and the average age of the original congregation organizers was 20 to 25 years of age. 

Congregational meetings were held once or twice each month in the homes of members. The first services were held at an old store building on the corner of Broadway and California (which is now the Volunteers of America parking lot). In 1905 it was decided to rent the YMCA auditorium for church services. That same year, it was agreed by an 8 to 1 vote to buy two lots on the corner of Everett and Rockefeller and build a church building next to the alley (parking lot behind the present sanctuary). This building is today located on Lombard and 25th Street, the Parkside Gospel Chapel. 

During 1905, new members were accepted and members built the first church structure with volunteer labor. The first Sunday church services were held on June 6, 1905.

Soon the Church began to grow and, in 1908, the first services in English were held. They were offered on one Sunday a month in the evening, but this soon ended because the attendance for the English service was so poor.  Finally in 1913, after an exhausting debate, it was decided all Sunday services would  be in English. 

In April of 1917, work on the new church building began and the men of the church removed 800 yards of dirt to start work on the first floor, which is now the basement. 

On December 18, 1919, the name of the church was officially changed to Ebenezer English Lutheran Church. 

After removing more dirt by pick and shovel, the dirt was hauled away in wagons pulled by horses. The women of the church cooked many suppers as the men worked late into the evenings. Finally, in October 1920, the basement was completed and dedicated, and a parsonage was built on the small parking lot space behind the present sanctuary.

On April 7, 1926, the name of the church was changed to Central Lutheran Church. Shortly after, the present sanctuary was completed and on October 17, 1926 , it was dedicated. 

In the mid-1940's, the church began to grow rapidly. There was a push to purchase two additional lots directly south of the church and Central's first parish worker was hired. 
From the late 1940's to the early 1960's, the church attendance averaged 350-400 per Sunday, Sunday School over 200, and the baptized members equaled about 900-1200 people. 
The present Education Building was planned, funds were pledged and raised, and construction completed, a huge undertaking dedicated in June 1963.

In 1970, the wheelchair ramp was installed and the sanctuary was remodeled, with altar furniture that was donated by Our Savior's Lutheran. An Organ Committee was formed, and our Casavant organ was installed and completely paid for at a dedication concert in 1974. 

When South Viet Nam and Southeast Asia fell to the communists in 1975, Central Lutheran was one of the churches sponsoring refugee families who came to America. Central ultimately sponsored 4 families, a total of 23 individuals.

In 1979, two classrooms in the Education Building were renovated and became what is now the much used Friendship Room. 

In the early 1980's the Central Lutheran Preschool was started. The goal is to provide classes for 3-5 year olds in a Christian setting, offering competitive tuition rates for all.

In 1987 the Senior Fellowship group was started, meeting once a month to enjoy a meal, fellowship, and program together.

In 1990, the pastor, along with the Altar Guild, moved the church altar out from the back wall, allowing the presiding pastor to conduct the liturgy and prayers while facing the congregation.

During the past 10 to 15 years, many improvements have been funded and completed. The parking lot entryway was remodeled and expanded and the Library was remodeled to be both a library and a meeting room. A new sanctuary sound system was installed, and additional hearing devices for individuals were purchased. A complete new roof was installed above the sanctuary and church towers. The nursery was remodeled. New stained glass windows at the parking lot entrance and the Rockefeller Ave were given and placed. The original Blessing of Children stained glass window was restored and incorporated into a cabinet located in the parking lot entryway of the church. 

Central Lutheran is indebted to the great pastors who have served and helped create what this church is today.  They are:

1904 - 1906            Rev. A.J. Haugen
1906 - 1907            Rev. I. J. Skrondal
1907 - 1913            Rev. O.J. Edwards
1913 - 1915            Rev. N. J. Holm
1916 - 1919            Rev. R. Bogstad
1919 - 1921            J.A.E. Naess, D.D
1922 - 1927            Rev. O.J. Edwards
1927 - 1945            Rev. A.K. Vinje
1945 - 1954            Rev. Jerrold L. Moilien
1954 - 1956            C. P. Rasmussen, D.D
1956 - 1964            Rev. Herb Ringo

1965 - 1968            Rev. Jim Peterson
1969 - 1981            Rev. Silas Erickson
1970 - 1973            Rev. Jerry Bongard
1974 - 1979            Rev. Rich Eggen
1981 - 1990            Rev. Chris Boerger

                                         (Later ELCA NW WA Synod Bishop)

1983 - 1985            Rev. Mark Samuelson
1987 - 1989            Rev. Gene Stime
1990 - 1991            Rev. Paul Running
1991 - 2013            Rev. Jeff Russell

2013 - 2015            Rev. Mike Swain

2015 - 2021            Rev. Jeremy Fuerst

Central Lutheran has been an internship site for many years. The congregation has been honored to have its lay members assist in providing experience and training for prospective Lutheran Pastors. Central Lutheran is known as an "outstanding training" site for seminary students:

1993-1994           Leslie Barnett                    

1994-1995           Kari Toavs                          

1995-1996           Darin Erisman                   

1996-1997           Incomplete Internship              

1997-1998           Katy McCallum                 

1998-1999           Glen Aaberg                       

1999-2000           Shana Tischaefer              

2000-2001           Jen Lapinskas                   

2001-2002           Reggie Klindworth           

2002-2003           Catrina Ciccone                   

2003-2004           Jo Quanbeck                     

2004-2005           Matt Prasek                       

2005-2006           Chris Cormack                  

2006-2007           Sheila Rawn                       

2007-2008           Joel Langholz                   

2008-2009           Leslie Neist                        

2009-2010           Megan Koepnick              

2010-2011           Katie Emery                       

2011-2012           Annette Andrews-Lux    

2012-2013           Emily Wiles                 

2013-2014           C.J. Boettcher

2020-2021           Pam Karas

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