At the heart of our identity is our faith tradition's theological claims that both ground the network and offer a perspective counter to the dominant voices in our culture:

  • The gift of Gospel in a world bound by law. We believe that we have been saved through the gift of faith alone and are thereby freed for service to the neighbor and the world. Central Lutheran Church is grounded in the Gospel and we work to be organized to serve God’s loving intentions for the world.

  • The gift of Abundance in a world of scarcity. We are called to proclaim that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe that there is always more than enough to do God’s work. Central Lutheran Church is framed by this sense of abundance, the belief that the many gifts of our church can be deployed with imagination and resolve.

  • The gift of Hope in a world of fear. We believe that God is in charge and that we have the gift of a horizon for our lives in the world that counters fear and anxiety and offers the promise of hope. Central Lutheran Church embraces the horizon of hope and focuses on helping the baptized to be beacons of hope in a fearful world.

  • The gift of Neighbor-love in a world of radical individualism. Over against the loudest voices in our culture that claim it is all about me, we believe that we are called to love and serve our neighbors around the world and all of God’s creation. Central Lutheran Church has, at the heart of its mission and work, a bias to loving and serving all of God’s creation. 


  • The gift of Reconciliation in a world of retribution and division. We believe that we are called to forgive as we are forgiven and to build communities of reconciliation, inclusion and justice. Central Lutheran Church intends to be a model of global inclusion, aimed to serve diverse audiences and to invite all people to God’s overflowing banquet table.