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 At our June 25 Semi-Annual Meeting, my report included a list of other congregations and groups who are using our building. I thought I would share that information again for those who were not at the meeting.

  • Marsha Bates of Lutheran Counseling Network has her office on the 3rd floor. She is here Wednesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons. Lutheran Counseling network has a long history of officing out of our building. 
  • Gamblers’ Anonymous meets in the Fellowship Hall on Saturday evenings. They met here prior to the pandemic.
  • Academia Latina meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Library. Rosamaría Graziani, the director of Academia Latina, has a tutoring program for children and teaches computer skills to adults.
  • The Society of Friends, Quakers, worship in the Library Sunday mornings at 9:30.
  • The Marshallese United Church of Christ worships in the Sanctuary Sunday afternoons and has a meal Sunday evenings following the Sunday Supper in the Fellowship Hall. They gather for fellowship and education on Wednesday evenings. They also use the building for funerals and celebrations.
  • Beginning in August, the Everett Montessori Academy will begin meeting in the Choir Room (the old Preschool classroom). The class will consist of 6th through 12th  graders.

It is a wonderful blessing for us here at Central and these groups who are using our building. Just think of all the ministries that are taking place within our building!  


Pastor Jim